Rule & Regulations

Rule & Regulations

1.Admission to College is strictly based on merit list. The decision of the college authorisities in the matter of admission shall be final and binding.

2.Each student has to stay in the college hostel after his/her admission, as it is a fully residential college. Not a single student is allowed to stay outside the campus. There is no day scholar system..

3. student is allowed to go to his/her native place on the occasion of any function that is usually observed in family, like get-together of the members, anniversary of any kind, birthday celebration etc. except on break-days/vacation and also no student will be allowed to take leave except when seriously ill.

4.Parents/Local guardians are allowed to visit once in a month with their I-cards provided by the college. The local guardians should be above the age of 30. For the convenience of the parents college has fixed as a particular day for the students for telephonic talk with their parents.

5. Any student who remains absent in the college for no genuine reason on the re-opening day of any break i.e. holidays, vacation or the day followed by the expiry of personal leave duly granted by the appropriate authority, is to be punished Rs.500/-per day for his/her absence. In case of illness he has to take the prior permission of the appropriate authority to leave the Hostel.

6.Student is allowed to keep any electronics or electrical gadgets. Mobile phone, I-pod, FM, camera, digital camera, immersion heater, pen-drive etc. are strictly prohibited. If any students is found with any of these items he/she will be expelled from the college and will be compelled to take TC. The decision of the management is final.

N.B. : A student will be only allowed to keep the study lamp.

7.Student is permitted to take any of items like intoxicants, tobaccos, liquors, gutkhas, cigarettes, Bidi etc., which will bring punishable offence and it is the standing rule of the institute that his/her name and roll will be struck off from the college list; without any second thought, he/she will be given TC.

8. A student not doing 6-8 hours self study, creating indiscipline in the college, having irregular attendance or not responding properly may be expelled from the college. The decision of the college authorisities in this regard will be final and binding on the student. Not fee or part of fee will be refunded in such cases.

9.The student will have to work hard regularly. In case, it is detected / found student is not working hard or creating indiscipline in the institute / bus / hostel he / she may be expelled from the College.

10.Outside friends are not allowed to meet the students either in college or in college hostel.

11.Parents are requested and not permitted to give any fast-food or junk-food to their children. They can only give snacks to their children.

12.While meeting their children, the parents should not give mobile to any other children for communication except their own child.

13.The students are required to wear the college uniform during the college hours. Beyond college hours they are required to wear gentle dress of aesthetic value. The girl students are allowed to wear Salwar, Punjabi and Chuddar not shorts and jeans. Boys are not allowed to wear objectionable dresses. They are allowed to wear full pant and shirts.

14.The parents can meet the Principal / Director for any enquiry about their ward’s progress or any other problem concerning their ward with the prier appointment only.

15.It is mandatory to provide mobile number of the father / guardian. The results of tests or any other information by the college will be sent to the students or parents through the cell phone only. College shall not be responsible for missing information if the cell phone number is not given.

16.All the information regarding Regular Attendance, Weekly & Monthly Test Schedule & Results, Library Card, Monthly covered Portions etc are regularity endorsed in the student’s progress card issued from the college. It is imperative on student part to accompany with them regularly.

17.Student of 2nd year class shall be allowed on any ground to leave the college and go to his/her native place after the publication of Test Examination result, till the completion of CHSE exam. Unless he/she is asked to vacate the college on the ground of his/her misconduct.

18.Ragging zone : We believe in discipline and healthy study environment. So no ragging is permitted here. Ragging such as eave teasing, trafficking, insult or derogatory remarks or any kind of physical torture is strictly banned here. No senior to junior, no boy to girl and vice versa will be allowed to create any kind of environment for ragging. If any one tries to violate this rule he/she will be penalised with financial punishment with compulsory TC.

19.After depositing money towards Admission if a student becomes disinterested in the College due to any reason whatsoever and wants to take his / her money back, the college will not refund the money deposited towards Admission.

20.After closer of the “Admission date” T.C. can be issued to a student, if he / she pays the entire course fee for the respective year.

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